Talk About the Weather

11 p.m. // Often when we were due to step outside for Half/Life the weather was terrible. Many of the randomly appointed hours last winter were wet. A few were absurdly cold. Slowing down and taking notes on the mundane feels especially foolish at times like these. Is it possible to write while holding an umbrella?Turns out it is. Or while hands are slowly going numb. Also, yes. These are also the times when we’re most likely to rush past without observing, focused on getting dry and warm as soon as possible. These are the times when we look outside and decide to postpone our business until it clears up, until the sun is out.

But the weather is not unique to this place. The way the space changes in the rain and in the cold is the thing I started looking for. New sounds. New behaviors. New patterns

One of 24 posts inspired by Half/Life, which remains on view at H-Space in Washington, DC through October 31, 2019. Contact Erik to schedule a visit. Paintings and zine on sale now in the Future Cartographic shop.

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By Erik Moe

Erik Moe is a writer and artist based in Washington, D.C. and the founder and Chief of Expeditions at Future Cartographic.