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65 Days: Volunteer to Become a Poll Worker

On Sundays, I briefly suggest some small thing you can do to end Trump and preserve our fragile Democracy.

This week’s suggestion to become a poll worker came to me from the newsletter of Brad Listi’s OtherPPL podcast. Have been listening to Brad’s author interviews for years now. Highly recommend.

Volunteer to become a poll worker. i know i keep saying it, but it bears repeating: this is a truly insane and dangerous time in america. we are on the brink of sliding into autocracy and losing our democracy. that’s not hyperbole. it’s real. trump is an anti-democratic and broken man, a sociopath who will stop at nothing. we have to protect our votes and fight to eliminate this scourge. it’s not even political. it’s about the rule of law and our basic rights and institutions. it’s about the constitution. the bill of rights. it’s about basic decency. it’s about all of us, ultimately. trump is pulling out all the stops to make voting hard, and to intimidate and confuse american citizens. fight back. we need good people at polling places to help people vote safely and securely on election day. in a pandemic, that’s not entirely simple. if you’re healthy, young, and want to help the cause, consider volunteering to be a poll worker. it matters.

The process varies from place to place, but it is not complicated. You’ll likely have a training or practice day in advance of Election Day. If you’ve voted before, you know the demographic that typically works the polls on Election Day is the same demographic that is most at risk for Covid-19. While many will vote by mail this year, it is important that the polls run smoothly for those who choose — or are forced — to vote in person for one reason or another.

Learn more at the U.S. Election Assistance Commission or check your city, county, or state government elections website.

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