20th Century Oral History alongside 23rd Century Speculative Fiction

Six vignettes from the history of Black Broadway selected by artist-curator Seshat Walker from the D.C. Public Library’s oral history archive are presented alongside speculative fiction by Erik Moe based on conversations and observations at the same sites. Meant to be read on site in a self-guided walking tour of past, present, and future. With an introductory essay by Erik Moe.

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Hand-Drawn Full Color Map

The center pages of the book feature an annotated hand-drawn map of the Black Broadway/ U Street corridor in the 23rd Century. Use it as your walking guide to sites such as Astronaut Nelson’s birthplace and the Historic Florida Avenue Dance Floor of Grace Sanctuary and Monument.

Based on a Site-Specific Collaboration (and Funk)

View from the inside of one of six phone booths hosting stories of U Street’s past and future.

These stories were originally commissioned by Funk Parade—U Street’s annual Spring celebration of DC music and culture—as part of a collaboration with artists Seshat Walker and Alex Braden. In the 2015 installation, these stories of past and future were recorded for playback in six phone booths built by Braden and positioned as site-specific portals to time gone by and yet to come.

[ Book available in the Future Cartographic shop. Buy now ➤ ]

Published by Erik Moe

Erik Moe is a writer and artist based in Washington, D.C. and the founder and Chief of Expeditions at Future Cartographic.