Walks & Urban Interventions

Seven Blocks / Seven Centuries

Presented in conjunction with Creative Time as part of Creative Time Summit: Occupy the Future held in D.C. in the fall of 2016. These walks invited participants to inhabit the landscape of Shaw and Black Broadway as it existed, exists, and will exist in the 17th through 23rd Centuries.

Sensory Walks

Participants are asked to focus on a single sense during a walk through familiar neighborhoods. These senses might include the traditional five senses, or others such as a sense of injustice, humor, or pride. Findings are then discussed to reveal the overlooked biological and social responses to our built environment, and as clues to mapping a utopian future for the places we walk together.

Surveying Public Space: Georgetown

A six-month survey conducted while in residence at Halcyon Arts Lab in 2016 included explorations of improbable public spaces, opulent gardens, private gates, and fenced-off wildernesses that make up one of D.C.’s oldest and wealthiest areas. These walks allowed contemplation of issues including: exclusion, lost history, selective preservation of memory, climate change, as well as envisioning inclusive public space, equitable access to natural and cultural resources. Walks were plotted on a large hand-drawn map to create a speculative vision that imagines exclusivity replaced by public commons.

Expeditions Across North America

Future Cartographic expeditions have included walks all over North America including:

  • Decatur, GA
  • Big Sur, CA
  • Chicago
  • Philadelphia
  • Minneapolis
  • Reading, PA
  • San Antonio
  • Banff, Alberta

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