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67 Days: Antidote

Most years, D.C. empties in August. People of means head to Maine or North Carolina or the other side of the planet. Others take their few vacation days in August to visit family wherever they are welcome. Some of that is still happening, but this year coronavirus has more of us staying put. A chance to appreciate the city and with the sense of community on calmer terms.

So, today was an extra social day for me in an extra social week (socially distanced, outdoors, masks as appropriate). It was good to remember what that feels like: conversations and walks with friends I haven’t seen since February or before. A chance to catch up with that dear friend leaving town indefinitely.

I am keeping it brief today. But after yesterday’s bleak dive in to white supremacist disaster escalation tourism and the exodus of friends from cities, it is good to see friends, to remember what community is all about. It may not be the vaccine we’re looking for, but it is an antidote to other toxicities.