Writers collaborate with readers across time and distance to build meaning

Future Cartographic’s writing projects — both artistic and commercial — are grounded in this understanding of writing as a collaborative act. This extends beyond the often solitary act of writing and publishing to include collaborative influences of the people the writer is in community with, the experiences and background of the writer, and the environments, places, and times that have shaped the writer.



The Spitball Poems grew out of a collaborative art installation by dancer-choreographer Kristin Hatleberg, painter Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann and writer-artist Erik Moe. Erik’s poems are written in the form of instructions for walking out of the art gallery in to the neighborhood and back, some instructions literal and others abstract.

U Street

U Street/Black Broadway in the 20th and 23rd Centuries includes stories told in audio form in a site-specific art installation consisting of colorful phone booths built by artist Alex Braden and installed along Washington, DC’s U Street corridor in 2015. Stories of the twentieth century curated from DC’s oral history archive by Seshat Walker were paired with speculative fiction by Erik Moe inspired by conversations and walks with present-day inhabitants. [buy the book]


Half/Life is a zine documenting a 2018-19 collaboration between Hatleberg, Mann and Moe. In both winter and summer, the three followed a randomized schedule of 24 walks — one for each hour of the day — and created collaborative works drawn from their observations. The zine contains 48 poems, essays by Hatleberg and Moe and tabloid size fold out posters of paintings and observations. [buy the zine one of the original 24 paintings, or a set of 24 postcards]

Writing Events

Public walks and conversations focused on observation, dialogue, or performance have been a theme in our writing and literary arts collaborations. Some of our favorite projects have grown out of informal events such as Place/Chat a monthly breakfast gathering of artists at Future Cartographic’s studio in 2016-2017.

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The Blog

Our blog is a home for new writing, experiments, and cultural dialogue. Check back regularly for new posts from Erik Moe and Future Cartographic collaborators. [go there]